Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What Not to Do When Being Rung Out by a cashier...

Working as a cashier I've learned what NOT to do when being rung up, and have decided to share it with the world. I mean it's such simple things. I know we've ALL done at some point or another, and really, I think we ALL know it's either a. RUDE or b. wrong... So here's my list. Add more in comments, if I've missed something...
1.Don't THROW money
I mean SERIOUSLY. It's so simple. Don't throw you're money at us. We aren't strippers (not that there's anything wrong with strippers, but I'm sure most cashiers get pissed when money's flung at them). Either a. hand the money to us or b. lay it on the counter nicely. It's not that hard.

2.Don't lean over the counter
By leaning over the counter, you are entering our personal space. It's there for 2 reasons. To put the stuff you're buying onto, and to keep a little space between us, so we don't feel molested.

3.Don't give us attitude.
We're doing our job. If we ask for I.d., it's because we are required, by law to card you. If you don't have I.d., don't buy things that require them. Also, if you're having a bad day, and our smiling annoys you, don't treat us like we're the root of all evil. We're here to help YOU. You
could be a little more courteous.

4. Don't yell at us.
Just because we're the ones waiting on you, does NOT mean we are the reason something doesn't work. If there isn't receipt paper in the pumps, and there's only ONE cashier, don't yell at them like they caused the receipt paper to run out. We aren't aloud to leave the register. If we're alone, we HAVE to stay behind or right by the counter to wait on you. Also, some things can't be taken care of. (Such as the receipt paper running out of the pump, but the key has been broken off in one of the locks, leaving us with no way of putting more in.) We can't fix everything ourselves. Sometimes we have to call them in, which can take weeks to have someone come out and fix. All we can do is apologize, and do our best to do what you need.

5. Don't treat us like we're less than you.
We're working to keep ourselves alive, or to put a little money in our pockets, or to feed our kids. Walking in and acting like we're less than you is pretty snooty and obnoxious. We are all human beings, some of us just have to work harder, and longer, and do jobs we don't particularly like, to survive. Don't act like we're animals, or we're hoodlums. Just because we work in or around the city, doesn't mean we're street rats. It just means we have a job in or around the city. I personally commute to work daily. I may not live a life of luxury, but I make do.

6. Don't give us pet names.
We have name tags for a reason. Read them and call us by our names or don't acknowledge that we have names at all. I'd much rather be called Dez, than sweety or babe. I mean, sure if it's a woman, she can call me sweety or Hun. But I'm an 18 year old girl, so I'd much prefer that men not give me pet names. I'm sure guy cashiers can relate to this, I know plenty that hate when women call them sweety. And they don't like being called bud.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

What A Day...

     Today was absolutely FANTASTIC! I went to school , which is BLAH cause I hate math, and that's ALL I'm doing right now. THEN at 1 I left early so I could go get my Bestie Angie and go to PennDot in Harrisburg. Mind you, this trip was only my 3rd time driving on a highway with just a friend or friends in the car. I really thought I was going to kill us, cause Highways creep me out... Anyway, we were on our way there, and this big rig in front of my was going soooo slow. We were doing MAYBE 50 in a 65 zone, so I passed him. He apparently didn't like that,  cause he then sped up and tried to get back in front of me. So I literally said ,"UHHH no." and sped up. ( I was in the passing lane, he was in the regular lane.) So we kept having to speed up cause he kept trying. Then I past another Big Rig and got in front of him, cause I wanted back in that lane, and I need experience driving between 2 big rigs so it doesn't freak me out. *I'm in no way AFRAID of big rigs, my dad's a truck driver so I'm used to it, I just have this fear that ones gonna tip over in front of me.* Anywho, so we're driving between two big rigs, and then what happens? The fucker that kept trying to pass me  pulls up beside us. Yep, they boxed me in. They do it on purpose to scare people. But I found it amusing. I waved and said, "well hey there." And went about my business, cause I was in no hurry to get out. WELL he sped up seeing that I wasn't freaked out, and ended up WAY in front of me. He won the race, this time. 
        So we get to Harrisburg unscathed and we're doing as the GPS says, and what does it do? It says turn left, but there was a sign that said "ALL TRAFFIC MUST TURN RIGHT" so I turned right, and it kept saying I needed to turn right to go back to that same spot. We ended up just  turning into an Advanced Auto Parts store and going right and poof we were going the correct direction. The funny thing was it took us to a train station. Yea, that's not the DMV, so we ended up at a convenient store, and being the woman I am, I asked for directions. The lady looked like an Indian, but wasn't one. She also looked like a man XD... We were going the wrong way. BIG SURPRISE. Thanks GPS for lying. SO We went back the way we came and sure enough the DMV was there. Best part? I drove the WHOLE way out there to be told, everything had been taken care of YESTERDAY! I drove out there, wasting gas, for NO fucking reason! 
        Sad thing is, I don't care. I had a blast! I drove on the highway, and got to spend time with a bestie <3 all in all it was a fantastic day...
        It could have been even better though... I COULD have been able to hang out with a certain someone, after a long day of driving. But alas, it did not happen... 

        Onto more interesting topics <3 Tosh.o posted this amazing picture today (Click the link, you know you want to) http://tosh.comedycentral.com/blog/2011/12/15/smoking-makes-you-look-cool/?xrs=synd_facebook

And an amazingly hilarious man wrote "How uncouth. I store mine in my foreskin like a gentleman of class." So when I saw some chick wrote that what he said was "Fucking Gross" I had to defend him, as he was quite the genius for coming up with such a comeback to said picture. Thus, The world got this "You sir, are a genius! Unfortunately I am no gentleman, or I too would store mine in my foreskin :D And lindsay, you obviously didn't grow up with only male role models. This man is hilarious." Because it's true... he is a friggen genius! I don't care who you are, that there's funny. 
      OH NO's! It's 7;30 and a certain someone hasn't texted me back. I should just shrug it off, and play it cool, but the way that person makes me smile, just by saying "hey" makes life THAT much more bearable... That certain someone will remain unnamed until further notice. All in all, it was a good day,

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dear 'Boy who sits next to me' aka Joe...

      I don't even know why I know your name is actually Joe, I was quite comfortable calling you 'boy who sits next to me. But NOOO the teacher had to say your name, before I could leave the room.
       Anyways, you sir, are an idiot... You coughed to cover up that you were taking a picture of my general direction. It was such a fake cough that I laughed AT you. Then you didn't even cough loud enough to cover up the camera noise. Really? Now, I don't know if you took a picture of ME, but uhh my general guess is that you were. Unless you were taking a picture of one of the many boys that surround me, in which case, I don't care, being a homosexual is okay by my standards. But seeing as I've noticed you looking over at ME on multiple occasions, I'm willing to bet, I am the main thing in said picture, in which case, I'm definitely NOT okay with that. You aren't ugly or anything, I just prefer not having my picture taken by complete strangers. What's even more retarded about the fact that you took my picture, is you sent it to the guy that sits diagonally in front of me. You couldn't wait an hour to show him, you HAD to send my picture to a boy sitting in front of me. THEN while I was trying to concentrate on math, which I'm in no way amazing at, you two sat and whispered to each other. UMM why? You're there to earn credits, not to sit and talk to your buddy, distracting people, like ME, from what they're supposed to be doing. If I had working headphones, I'd just bring my ipod in and ignore you, but alas, I am poor and can't afford something to block out talking, that shouldn't even be going on... 
        ANYWHOOOOO... Next time you decide to take a picture of me, don't. Cause I'll call you out on it. Kay? Thanks.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

In A Nutshell, I Want to Fuck You...

            Today has been one hell of a day. Starting early this morning. I got my feelings hurt, and I got pissed all at the same time. When I'm friends with someone, I don't generally develop any kind of un-natural feelings towards them, so when I got a text this morning at like 2 that said, So, do you wanna be together sometime. I was caught off guard, and thought I was seeing things. So I asked what he meant, and then he goes (after a few texts back and forth about what did he mean) "In a nutshell, I wanna fuck you." All I could say was Oh and that it was awkward. So he goes, ha, I'm god tho. Umm what??? Sooo I sent him this ,"I have no idea what you mean by that. And seriously, I don't just 'Fuck' people, figured that'd be kinda obvious by now. Also, I have a boyfriend, so fucking is in no way an option. And I have enough respect for myself to just say good night. This. Is. An. Awkward. Convo." He replied "ha." That's it. Nothing else. Then I fell asleep, cause I was tired and didn't wanna think about that crap anymore. When I woke up this morning, I have a text that says , "We can always be discreet" UMMM No, I'm not a slut, and I don't cheat, so Why the hell would you keep pressing when I have made it obvious that I don't wanna fuck you.
            I'm an 18 year old girl, who has bigger things to worry about than having sex. 

  • I'm attempting to move out
  • I have a fine I have to continue paying
  • I have practically no free time
  • I have to get my car door and front quarter panel replaced. 
  • I have car insurance issues
  • I have to worry about PennDot
  • I'm trying to save up for a tattoo
            So yeah, sex with you, my boyfriend, or anyone else, is not one of the things I'm worrying about. And I'm not sorry to inform you, that the fact that you kept pushing, makes you a horrible person with no morals. I don't care if you think about sex constantly. You're 23 years old. Grow up. Get a job. And just stop talking to me. 

Monday, December 5, 2011

And then he peed on my hand...

            They found a planet, that is in the habitable zone and it's 600 light years away. That's three hundred forty eight quadrillion miles away. As our space shuttles can only reach 17,000 miles per hour, which is 408,000 miles a day, it would take well over 85 billion years to get there. I guess I really am a nerd, as I sat down and did all that damn math... I must not have any kind of life. Oh wait, I do have a life. I go to school, then work, and when I'm not working I spend my time with amazing people. 
                 I'm currently listening to Breathe Me by Sia and it makes me 100 times sadder than any other sad song.... It reminds me of not so long ago, when I was a self destructive scared little girl. Especially, the lines "I've lost myself again, I feel unsafe." I've never truly felt safe. Ever. Even now. I don't feel safe. Which brings me to the point of this particular blog. Bullying. It needs to stop. It needs to be snuffed out like the huge uncontrollable fire it is. 

               Sad thing is, EVERYONE knows what bullying can do to people. There's no excuse for not knowing. It hurts. I've been there, I've been the bully and the bullied. I feel horrible that I ever put someone through exactly what I went through. 
                I mean, how would you feel if you walked into school everyday, and everyday, you heard snide remarks about yourself. It's painful. I personally, walked through the halls like a scared little girl. It turned me into an angry hate-filled person. From like 6th grade till my very last day at my old school, I was picked on, and treated like snot. I felt lost and helpless. I'm 18 and I felt like hiding under a rock. So how I ever decided to be mean to somebody because I know how hurtful it is. So, I'm making a stand against it. I'm not putting up with this crap anymore. I've got scars, and memories to go with every single one. 
              So, what do you say? Take a stand? Or would you rather sit and watch our generation go even further into the shitter?

Saturday, November 26, 2011


 Okay, guys with baby mama's need to quit trying to get with other girls! If you got a girl pregnant, and you're "engaged" to them, then you need to grow the fuck up and stop trying to get in other girl's pants! It's not only disrespectful to your "fiance" but it also makes you a pig. Yea, that's right. You're a pig. An asshole pig. A disrespectful douche bag! 
            I'm so tired of assholes, and you guys are like the number one on the list of assholes I hate! Grow a pair and take care of your GROWING family. Be a role model for your kid! A good clean wholesome role model. You don't even have to marry the girl. Split custody if you HAVE to. But don't try to get in everybody's pants! It's stupid and childish and if you wanna be a teenager, well you should have thought about that BEFORE you got the girl pregnant. You didn't HAVE to fuck her. You could have said, "Oh well we aren't ready to be parents so let's wait till we are." It's both mature and thoughtful. Whereas now you have a kid on the way and you are now responsible for someone else's life. So again GROW THE FUCK UP! Kay? Thanks.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Way To Piss Me Off...

            Bravo! You did it. You pushed me past the point of tired and into the realm of PISSED! All because you challenged ONE thing, that NOBODY has the right to challenge. My dad's Pumpkin Pie. Yep, He and I may have our fights, and we may pretty much loathe each other at times. But he can be a decent guy. I acknowledge this fully. So when I post a status that says, "Nobody's pumpkin pie can beat his." and you open your big mouth and say, "Try my mom's once, you'll change your mind." It sets me over the edge. You assume I'm talking about how yummy it is. Trust me it's delicious. People who hate pumpkin pie, LOVE his pie, but that's beside the point.... The point is, instead of asking why I believe this, You challenged it full on. You just assumed I'd be all quiet and not accept the challenge, but assuming makes an ass of you and me, sir. And right now, you're a bigger ass than I, because you continuously challenge everything I say is amazing in my life. Always saying that whatever you have is better. I'm pretty sure you can't beat a LOT of what I find truly amazing, because yes, we're both stubborn, but I see things a shit ton differently than you. 
            Your mom's pumpkin pie is just PIE to me. I don't care if it makes people shit gold. It's got nothing on what my dad's pie is, to ME. It doesn't have a single significant thing about it, other than it's your mom's. My dad's pie has an entire level that your mom's will never have, and that's that it brings my family together. It's not the pie itself that does it, it's the work we each put into it. His pie, is the one thing that actually makes us a happy family for a very short time each year. We laugh and smile for a time that's so small, and insignificant to most people, but to me it's as though there's a small amount of hope for us. It's the ONE time a year that we all genuinely love each other, and show it. So yeah, your mom's pie can suck on that. 
             What pisses me off most is that you seem to assume a LOT about me, and what I say. You started on with the 99% shit, and honestly I find it to be a waste of people's time. The people that are out there protesting are WASTING their lives away, for what? Equality? HA! They AREN'T working. So when they gather in places, like public parks, and claim they have every right to be there, they are mistaken. They say they pay for that park. With what taxes are they paying for it? Previous ones? Previous taxes paid for the park FOR THE TIME THEY PAID THEM! They are out there for a hand out. That's it. They think the world owes them, because THEY decided to go to college, or THEY decided to have a shitty life. They government didn't say, "Hey, you HAVE to fail at life." or ,"Hey, no matter what, you HAVE to go to expensive schools to get a higher education." THEY chose that! So assuming that I'll agree with a bunch of idiots looking for hand outs, is way beyond stupid!  The tables would be turned if they went to work everyday, then went out to formed protests saying, "Yeah, I'm paying your incredibly high taxes, but I'm trying to feed myself and my family in doing so." But they aren't! They just expect to get jobs, because, THEY chose to go to school. They say that they aren't being hired. They aren't exactly trying, now are they? No. They could settle for a crappy job UNTIL they find someone willing to pay them to do what THEY want to do in life, but they'd rather form drum circles and occupy places that have some significance, but they get no respect from those of us, who hate the way things are, but still work so we can earn our living. 
            Isn't that what America is supposed to be? Isn't it supposed to be that we go out and TRY to make our lives better by EARNING what we have. Sure the older people have, they deserve what they ask for. Your 99% kids that JUST got out of college and are in debt, don't. They haven't gone out and put forth the effort to actually FIND a job. I'm willing to bet they applied and then didn't put any more effort into it at all. Which those of us who have had jobs that we actually put forth effort to get, know is beyond stupid. You apply, then a week later you call and ask about the position and make it known that you are genuinely interested. My brother, who is 25 and paying off student loans, taught me that, and he live a pretty luxurious life. He's paying off like 30,000 dollar loans and he still has time to run his OWN business, party, and buy the things he both needs and wants. He has multiple expensive computers. Expensive software. He has a cell phone with unlimited ON A PLAN, an iphone, an ipad, a macbook. He even just bought a bird. Yea, he's doing pretty damn well, for someone who's actually put forth the effort to succeed. Hell while he was in college he worked at a Wawa's as a shift supervisor, or assistant manager, or something up there. He saw even then, which is about 2 years ago, that he had to work beneath what he wanted, just so he could go out and do what he wanted. So you and your "99%" can suck on that and grow the fuck up!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Kicking Biology's Ass

       And now it shall be jinxed and I will fail the course XD.... I woke up this morning and looked at my account online, to find I've been charged 19.95 by some company, I've never heard of. So I looked back and I've been being charged by them for the past 6 months. Uhh WHAT!?!? So I googled them and it's a scam. I've been scammed without falling for a scam. WEIRD! So now I have to file a dispute against 6 charges of 19.95, which adds up to $119.70... If I hadn't have been charged without my knowledge, I wouldn't have been completely broke every damn month. SO, I think I'm going to get my money back and close the account and start a NEW one. I refuse to be charged for something I didn't sign up for.
       Anywho... I've been doing biology for about 3 weeks now, and I'm kicking it's ass. Yep, I'm saying it again. I'm getting A's and B's with only 2 D's. Which means I'm flippin' passing XD WOOT!
       Speaking of school, I've turned 1 crush into 2. How awesome is that? *sarcasm* But the second guy also goes to my school, and he smiles at me a lot. I caught him looking at me today, and he definitely looked at me :) And he catches me looking at him, a lot. I doubt I'll ever date him, it's just nice to see a cute guy noticing me for once.