Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What Not to Do When Being Rung Out by a cashier...

Working as a cashier I've learned what NOT to do when being rung up, and have decided to share it with the world. I mean it's such simple things. I know we've ALL done at some point or another, and really, I think we ALL know it's either a. RUDE or b. wrong... So here's my list. Add more in comments, if I've missed something...
1.Don't THROW money
I mean SERIOUSLY. It's so simple. Don't throw you're money at us. We aren't strippers (not that there's anything wrong with strippers, but I'm sure most cashiers get pissed when money's flung at them). Either a. hand the money to us or b. lay it on the counter nicely. It's not that hard.

2.Don't lean over the counter
By leaning over the counter, you are entering our personal space. It's there for 2 reasons. To put the stuff you're buying onto, and to keep a little space between us, so we don't feel molested.

3.Don't give us attitude.
We're doing our job. If we ask for I.d., it's because we are required, by law to card you. If you don't have I.d., don't buy things that require them. Also, if you're having a bad day, and our smiling annoys you, don't treat us like we're the root of all evil. We're here to help YOU. You
could be a little more courteous.

4. Don't yell at us.
Just because we're the ones waiting on you, does NOT mean we are the reason something doesn't work. If there isn't receipt paper in the pumps, and there's only ONE cashier, don't yell at them like they caused the receipt paper to run out. We aren't aloud to leave the register. If we're alone, we HAVE to stay behind or right by the counter to wait on you. Also, some things can't be taken care of. (Such as the receipt paper running out of the pump, but the key has been broken off in one of the locks, leaving us with no way of putting more in.) We can't fix everything ourselves. Sometimes we have to call them in, which can take weeks to have someone come out and fix. All we can do is apologize, and do our best to do what you need.

5. Don't treat us like we're less than you.
We're working to keep ourselves alive, or to put a little money in our pockets, or to feed our kids. Walking in and acting like we're less than you is pretty snooty and obnoxious. We are all human beings, some of us just have to work harder, and longer, and do jobs we don't particularly like, to survive. Don't act like we're animals, or we're hoodlums. Just because we work in or around the city, doesn't mean we're street rats. It just means we have a job in or around the city. I personally commute to work daily. I may not live a life of luxury, but I make do.

6. Don't give us pet names.
We have name tags for a reason. Read them and call us by our names or don't acknowledge that we have names at all. I'd much rather be called Dez, than sweety or babe. I mean, sure if it's a woman, she can call me sweety or Hun. But I'm an 18 year old girl, so I'd much prefer that men not give me pet names. I'm sure guy cashiers can relate to this, I know plenty that hate when women call them sweety. And they don't like being called bud.

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