Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dear 'Boy who sits next to me' aka Joe...

      I don't even know why I know your name is actually Joe, I was quite comfortable calling you 'boy who sits next to me. But NOOO the teacher had to say your name, before I could leave the room.
       Anyways, you sir, are an idiot... You coughed to cover up that you were taking a picture of my general direction. It was such a fake cough that I laughed AT you. Then you didn't even cough loud enough to cover up the camera noise. Really? Now, I don't know if you took a picture of ME, but uhh my general guess is that you were. Unless you were taking a picture of one of the many boys that surround me, in which case, I don't care, being a homosexual is okay by my standards. But seeing as I've noticed you looking over at ME on multiple occasions, I'm willing to bet, I am the main thing in said picture, in which case, I'm definitely NOT okay with that. You aren't ugly or anything, I just prefer not having my picture taken by complete strangers. What's even more retarded about the fact that you took my picture, is you sent it to the guy that sits diagonally in front of me. You couldn't wait an hour to show him, you HAD to send my picture to a boy sitting in front of me. THEN while I was trying to concentrate on math, which I'm in no way amazing at, you two sat and whispered to each other. UMM why? You're there to earn credits, not to sit and talk to your buddy, distracting people, like ME, from what they're supposed to be doing. If I had working headphones, I'd just bring my ipod in and ignore you, but alas, I am poor and can't afford something to block out talking, that shouldn't even be going on... 
        ANYWHOOOOO... Next time you decide to take a picture of me, don't. Cause I'll call you out on it. Kay? Thanks.

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