Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Steubenville, Ohio RAPE

     I know it's been a while, but I need to rant, and this whole situation is completely FUCKED UP!!!

I'm so very happy that we live in a society where it's apparently COMPLETELY fine to stand around and watch as a highly intoxicated and UNCONSCIOUS girl is raped. Not only is that okay, but it's apparently okay that the kids that stood around and WATCHED her get raped, took pictures, and videos of it happening and POSTED them online. They also felt the need to tweet and post about it ALL over the internet. And to top all that off, the mainstream media is making the boys who raped her out to be the real victims because they've been sentenced to ONE WHOLE FUCKING YEAR in Juvenile Hall, and they have to register as sex offenders for the rest of their lives. Oh and don't forget, they won't be allowed to play football in college....

BOO FUCKING HOO! These boys deserve a LOT worse than a measly year in Juvie, and having to register as sex offenders. I honestly think they should be in jail for life without parole. But noooo. These boys are VICTIMS. And the kids that stood around and watched, well they're just kids, and because they were drinking, they didn't realize that what was happening was wrong. FUCK THAT. Those assholes KNEW it was wrong, they just didn't give a flying fuck, because the girl was apparently a 'slut' to begin with. I'm sorry, but a person's lifestyle, and how they dress, does NOT in any way shape or form justify them being raped. She was so drunk, that she passed out, and these boys are just like, oh hey, let's fuck her, she can't say no, so it's consensual. NOOOOOOOOO! It's NOT CONSENSUAL! Unless she is aware of her surroundings and able to speak clearly, and can walk around without falling over, she CAN'T give consent. She either has to say, "yes, I wanna do this." Or be physically active in the situation, by her own free will. An unconscious person can't hold a conversation, so how they got that she wanted them to do that shit to her, is a complete miracle to me. Apparently, we can all have clear conversations after drinking so much that we pass the fuck out. I didn't even know that was fucking possible, but it apparently is. 

I just find it so fucking sad that we as a society see something like this happening and instead of doing the morally right thing, and stopping it, it's now ACCEPTABLE to egg it on, and make the girl who's being raped out to be the real bad guy in the whole situation. Yes, how dare she be unconscious and magically ask two boys to take advantage of her. How dare she wear a skirt to a party. She's a slut, she had it coming. Or she was asking for it. The people who have rationalized the fact that these boys RAPED her while she was unconscious, by somehow pinning the blame on her, are just so fucking ridiculous. Like how do you rationalize rape? Oh well it's okay, she was a slut. She puts out all the time anyways. What's one time while she has no idea this shit is happening to her gonna hurt? 

I WOULD give props to the boy who said they needed to stop, but I can't because as soon as he realized nobody was gonna have his back, he shut up and let it happen. This shit is unacceptable. Especially, since there are adults saying that the kids who were watching and the boys who were performing were consuming alcohol, they didn't know that what they were seeing/doing was wrong. BULL SHIT! I don't care what you think happens to their minds and morals when kids drink, they still understand that rape is wrong. They still know what's right and what's wrong in general. They just take a little longer to process it. Yet, for some reason, I just know that the kids that stood around watching and recording and snapping pictures, aren't gonna get any kind of punishment. And that's fucked up for two reasons. 1. THEY WITNESSED A RAPE AND DIDN'T TRY TO HELP HER.  And 2. In Ohio, it's against the law to fail to report a crime, if you witness it. Posting videos and pictures online for millions of people to see, is NOT reporting the crime. Reporting the crime is calling the police and telling them what's going on. And the boys who raped her, they KNEW what they were doing was sick and twisted, and just fucking WRONG, they just didn't give a fuck. 

I really thought that society was better than this. We all know rapists are not good people, so why the fuck should I feel bad for these boys? They're scum. They went out of their way to ruin a girl's life. And that's exactly what they've done. They've scarred her for life, and she's probably gonna need a shit ton of therapy just for being raped. Gandhi only knows what the being treated like this was all her fault is gonna do to her. Honestly, my biggest worry at this point, is her well-being. I know she has to be going through a LOT of emotional and mental crap right now, and I hope and pray that she fights through it all, and is able to say she survived, because I know a LOT of people would decide to end their lives the second they not only found out they were raped (Because she was unconscious and had NO idea it happened), but they also are apparently to blame for two assholes taking advantage of her. 

I have no fucking hope for humanity at this point, at all. This is bullshit, those boys should be put away for a hell of a lot longer, AND the kids who stood around and watched and did nothing to save her, should be put away for at LEAST 3 years, just because they were heartless bastards who didn't do a FUCKING thing to help a girl who was physically unable to help herself...

**** Also, I hate using the word bastard. I think it's rude and is probably one of my least favorite words in the world, but this just pisses me off to no end. I don't understand how people can be so fucking heartless, and just CRUEL. GAHHH FUUUUUCKKKK!