Monday, October 15, 2012

Amanda Todd?

         Am I the only one that doesn't see Amanda Todd as a slut deserving of death? I mean she was 13 when this all started. When people made her feel good about herself, and as a naive 13 year old, it can be expected that she would make the mistake of flashing people online. Especially since they were strangers, and she didn't think that they'd know where she lived, or what schools she would be attending. To think that somebody would blackmail her, wasn't even plausible to her. Why would she think such a thing would happen, when they were always so nice to her? 
Sure, millions of people commit suicide, because they are bullied, or are mad, but how many times do people commit suicide because they've been blackmailed to the point of getting harrassed at school for ONE mistake. She made that one mistake (flashing people online) and some asshole took it upon himself to send pictures of it to everyone she went to school with, and they treated her like shit, so she moved schools, and he somehow sent them to her new classmates as well. That's fucking insanity in and of itself, why would you continuosly ruin someone else's life? THEN this boy acts like he gives a damn about her, she finds out he has a girlfriend, and is heartbroken, so when he asks her to come hang out, she of course (having been rejected by everyone else in her schools) goes over thinking it'll be okay. Then he talks her into hooking up with him. Yes, it was a poor decision on her part, but he made her feel wanted, and to somebody who feels unwated, that means a LOT more than, "Oh he has a girlfriend." What's worse? He tells his girlfriend about it, and just sits back and watches as she gets the shit beat out of her, because she made TWO idiotic decisions. Not only that, but people told her they wish she'd just die already. 
I'm sorry if you fail to see why this is such a big issue, but the fact that kids who are barely 16 are wishing someone would die, egging them on in their suicidal thoughts and attempts, is just FUCKED UP! Why would you do that? What justifies that? And are all of you who have done the SAME damn things, really that much better than her? If she deserved to die, don't you think you deserve the same? You can't sit back and call her a slut, if she's had what? ONE known sexual partner, and a few instances of flashing strangers, and you've had countless sexual partners. She was also into drugs, whatever they may have been, which leads me to believe that she had so much trouble coping with the fact that everyone she knew hated her, that she just wanted an escape. 
If you fail to see why this one girl is getting so much attention, let me spell it out for you. She was pushed, by people her own fucking age to commit suicide. And quite frankly I applaud the fact that she put up with so much hate for 2 fucking years. Yes, some of us have been through worse, but over long periods of time, with a little rest in between instances. She became a recluse because she couldn't go to any school without being blackmailed by some creep who gets off by ruining young girl's lives. 
And another thing, do ANY of you know how fucking hard it is to go through with killing yourself? It takes a REALLY fucking strong person to be able to take their own life and be able to be okay with that. I personally struggle with suicidal thoughts and tendencies on a daily basis, and I can't even imagine the willpower she must have had, to take that final plunge into a painless existence. She was no coward. She was stronger than any of you will ever be, because she had the courage to say FUCK YOU ALL and just end her suffering for once and for all. I highly doubt that any of you could put up with what she endured. I know I couldn't. People get crueler and crueler EVERY year, and nobody does anything to help the kids that get the worst of it. Seriously, her principle offered her counseling, that's it. They didn't offer to suspend or even punish the kids doing this to her. They didn't offer any kind of refuge. They never do. The most a school will do is threaten to punish a student, and hope that a threat is good enough to get them to stop. I know, I've been there, they send you to the counselor's office once a week, and tell the kids that they're getting a warning this time, then they get another warning, and another one. They never actually get any kind of substantial punishment, because why do schools need to give a fuck about ONE student? They only care that the grades the students get average at a high enough level to keep their funding. 
Amanda Todd isn't the only one that the system forgot to give a damn about, but I certainly hope that teachers start reaching out to the students who don't seem to have anybody, because this NEEDS to stop. I personally don't like hearing that KIDS are egging on each other to commit self harm, or suicide. It's like a bad movie, that never ends. Suicide isn't a fucking joke, and if you've ever thought or attempted suicide, you'd know that. Those of you that HAVE thought about and HAVE attempted suicide, maybe even succeeded but were found just in time to be saved, you have NO room to talk down on her. She may be a slut in your eyes, but if you've tried to kill yourself, and say she deserved to die, you're a hypocrite, and maybe just maybe you shouldn't have survived your attempts. You're scum, and quite frankly, I can't believe I've ever associated with you people. 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The media

The media fills us with so much crap. It's a bully really... Think about it. They tell us that to be the ideal girl we have to be 20 pounds, have huge tits, and an ass that's the size of a peanut. Then they tell guys to be assholes, and that they have to be buff, and look like Zac Efron of Justin Beiber to get girls. It's crap. I don't know a single person who isn't beautiful or handsome in their own special way. Seriously, I don't. Nobody is ugly unless their personality is shit, and then that's not even physical, it's their social skills that suck.

I read 17 magazine, but only for the horoscope, real life stories, and the informative articles. It's the only magazine (that I've found) that tells girls they are beautiful no matter what size they are.

What lead me to sitting here to rant about this stupid shit? Facebook. Why? Because so many  of my friends post shit about wishing that they were better looking. Idgaf what you look like, if you're a nice person, and you don't act like you're the greatest person in the world, you're already beautiful or handsome. Sure some people are born with oddly 'perfect' bodies, but a lot of the time they're ugly on the inside. Which is where true beauty is found. So quit judging yourself. Find ways to make yourself feel beautiful without being unhealthy. I legit stand in front of my mirror naked and point out the things I love about my body. Focus on the good and the 'bad' will slowly dissipate. Just saying.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

I shot a little girl today...

      I almost quit my job today, for various reasons, we will not talk about. I also almost beat my phone to a pulp, because I got annoyed at people texting and asking stupid shit. Like really? Why are you asking such retarded questions? For instance, Corey asked if I left him because there's another guy... REALLY? I would have mentioned that. I don't go around lying to people about stupid shit. Gandhi, what the hell. So I replied, "No, there isn't another guy. I think if there were, the entire world would know, because I don't exactly have a private life." No reply from him... So he either thinks I'm lying, or he just doesn't know how to respond. Either way, I'm annoyed. 

     I think the only time I haven't been annoyed all week, was last night. I chilled with Zach for a little, and then I hung out with his brother and some of his friends. It was entertaining... Now I'm waiting for 4:30 to get here so I can go to Brandy Boo's wedding reception... Should probably be getting ready for that haha...Merrr

Listening to little bird by shoe. Making me feel a little better. 

I feel like the old me is dead and gone, and there's this new, wild Dez, that's been waiting to come out and play. It's nice. I'm not doing this whole playing nice anymore. I'm tired of it. I'm gonna put all caution to the wind, and well I'm gonna live my fucking life. 

4:06- I'm ready to go, but I realize, that if I leave now, I'll have an entire hour of sitting in my car XD So, I'm waiting to go... The whole entire time I'm sitting here, my parents are saying "don't drink and drive." Like seriously. I'm 19. If I'm gonna drink, I'm not coming HOME, let alone anywhere that requires DRIVING. I'm not retarded. Merr. Plus, it's a wedding reception for two people who are about my age... I highly doubt there's going to be alcohol involved. but what evs. They're parents, they know EVERYTHING haha. well I guess I'll go cause people are already there merr XD

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Just a quote <3

'In your absence my heart grows stronger. In your presence I fall in love again'

Monday, March 5, 2012


It's been a while! Sorry guys, but all I can think to post is mushy shit, and nobody wants to hear or read about that!
I'm so fucking bored! Sitting outside work, just begging for something to do! Like I'd be up for almost anything right now. But people never text back, when I'm actually free. They always hit me up when I'm working, but when I'm off... Nothing. It's kind of annoying. But what evs. Life goes on.
I lost my best friend this week... All because I can't lie to someone's face... It's really hard. Like my heart is breaking.... And there's nothing I can fucking do about it. Like it hurts, a lot. She's one of the only people I can actually open up to and poof she's gone...
I've legit been focusing on the fact that I lost her this entire time, and I've been driving around trying to get lost. Found some great places for people to off themselves though... Not that I would do that or anything... The thought just kind of occurs to me sometimes, that there are much better places to die than a tub, car, room, or the woods. Idk just a thought..., I'mma go drive some more. Got 3 more hours till I absolutely have to be home and I need to be somewhere else right now... Alone isn't so nice when you actually feel alone. Just saying.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

'Dude this girl won't get off my Dick'

Do you know how many guys have said that in front of me while I'm working? They're talking and all of a sudden a girl comes in and they flirt with her and what not, then she leaves and they tel their buddies she won't get off their Dick.... Really?

Is it just me, or are these guys incredibly stupid and obnoxious? Like, I don't even want to know this shit, but they always make it a point to say it in front of me at my register. Maybe if you wouldn't flirt with her, and maybe if you'd just tell her you're in no way interested, then maybe just maybe she'd back off. Leading her on isn't gonna get her to leave you alone, so quit being a douche behind her back....

Also, making a remark like this about MY friends, in front of me, isn't cool. So why don't you little boys grow the fuck up and be honest with girls? Yeah, I said it. Grow the fuck up. Nuff said.