Sunday, February 5, 2012

'Dude this girl won't get off my Dick'

Do you know how many guys have said that in front of me while I'm working? They're talking and all of a sudden a girl comes in and they flirt with her and what not, then she leaves and they tel their buddies she won't get off their Dick.... Really?

Is it just me, or are these guys incredibly stupid and obnoxious? Like, I don't even want to know this shit, but they always make it a point to say it in front of me at my register. Maybe if you wouldn't flirt with her, and maybe if you'd just tell her you're in no way interested, then maybe just maybe she'd back off. Leading her on isn't gonna get her to leave you alone, so quit being a douche behind her back....

Also, making a remark like this about MY friends, in front of me, isn't cool. So why don't you little boys grow the fuck up and be honest with girls? Yeah, I said it. Grow the fuck up. Nuff said.