Friday, November 25, 2011

Way To Piss Me Off...

            Bravo! You did it. You pushed me past the point of tired and into the realm of PISSED! All because you challenged ONE thing, that NOBODY has the right to challenge. My dad's Pumpkin Pie. Yep, He and I may have our fights, and we may pretty much loathe each other at times. But he can be a decent guy. I acknowledge this fully. So when I post a status that says, "Nobody's pumpkin pie can beat his." and you open your big mouth and say, "Try my mom's once, you'll change your mind." It sets me over the edge. You assume I'm talking about how yummy it is. Trust me it's delicious. People who hate pumpkin pie, LOVE his pie, but that's beside the point.... The point is, instead of asking why I believe this, You challenged it full on. You just assumed I'd be all quiet and not accept the challenge, but assuming makes an ass of you and me, sir. And right now, you're a bigger ass than I, because you continuously challenge everything I say is amazing in my life. Always saying that whatever you have is better. I'm pretty sure you can't beat a LOT of what I find truly amazing, because yes, we're both stubborn, but I see things a shit ton differently than you. 
            Your mom's pumpkin pie is just PIE to me. I don't care if it makes people shit gold. It's got nothing on what my dad's pie is, to ME. It doesn't have a single significant thing about it, other than it's your mom's. My dad's pie has an entire level that your mom's will never have, and that's that it brings my family together. It's not the pie itself that does it, it's the work we each put into it. His pie, is the one thing that actually makes us a happy family for a very short time each year. We laugh and smile for a time that's so small, and insignificant to most people, but to me it's as though there's a small amount of hope for us. It's the ONE time a year that we all genuinely love each other, and show it. So yeah, your mom's pie can suck on that. 
             What pisses me off most is that you seem to assume a LOT about me, and what I say. You started on with the 99% shit, and honestly I find it to be a waste of people's time. The people that are out there protesting are WASTING their lives away, for what? Equality? HA! They AREN'T working. So when they gather in places, like public parks, and claim they have every right to be there, they are mistaken. They say they pay for that park. With what taxes are they paying for it? Previous ones? Previous taxes paid for the park FOR THE TIME THEY PAID THEM! They are out there for a hand out. That's it. They think the world owes them, because THEY decided to go to college, or THEY decided to have a shitty life. They government didn't say, "Hey, you HAVE to fail at life." or ,"Hey, no matter what, you HAVE to go to expensive schools to get a higher education." THEY chose that! So assuming that I'll agree with a bunch of idiots looking for hand outs, is way beyond stupid!  The tables would be turned if they went to work everyday, then went out to formed protests saying, "Yeah, I'm paying your incredibly high taxes, but I'm trying to feed myself and my family in doing so." But they aren't! They just expect to get jobs, because, THEY chose to go to school. They say that they aren't being hired. They aren't exactly trying, now are they? No. They could settle for a crappy job UNTIL they find someone willing to pay them to do what THEY want to do in life, but they'd rather form drum circles and occupy places that have some significance, but they get no respect from those of us, who hate the way things are, but still work so we can earn our living. 
            Isn't that what America is supposed to be? Isn't it supposed to be that we go out and TRY to make our lives better by EARNING what we have. Sure the older people have, they deserve what they ask for. Your 99% kids that JUST got out of college and are in debt, don't. They haven't gone out and put forth the effort to actually FIND a job. I'm willing to bet they applied and then didn't put any more effort into it at all. Which those of us who have had jobs that we actually put forth effort to get, know is beyond stupid. You apply, then a week later you call and ask about the position and make it known that you are genuinely interested. My brother, who is 25 and paying off student loans, taught me that, and he live a pretty luxurious life. He's paying off like 30,000 dollar loans and he still has time to run his OWN business, party, and buy the things he both needs and wants. He has multiple expensive computers. Expensive software. He has a cell phone with unlimited ON A PLAN, an iphone, an ipad, a macbook. He even just bought a bird. Yea, he's doing pretty damn well, for someone who's actually put forth the effort to succeed. Hell while he was in college he worked at a Wawa's as a shift supervisor, or assistant manager, or something up there. He saw even then, which is about 2 years ago, that he had to work beneath what he wanted, just so he could go out and do what he wanted. So you and your "99%" can suck on that and grow the fuck up!

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