Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Kicking Biology's Ass

       And now it shall be jinxed and I will fail the course XD.... I woke up this morning and looked at my account online, to find I've been charged 19.95 by some company, I've never heard of. So I looked back and I've been being charged by them for the past 6 months. Uhh WHAT!?!? So I googled them and it's a scam. I've been scammed without falling for a scam. WEIRD! So now I have to file a dispute against 6 charges of 19.95, which adds up to $119.70... If I hadn't have been charged without my knowledge, I wouldn't have been completely broke every damn month. SO, I think I'm going to get my money back and close the account and start a NEW one. I refuse to be charged for something I didn't sign up for.
       Anywho... I've been doing biology for about 3 weeks now, and I'm kicking it's ass. Yep, I'm saying it again. I'm getting A's and B's with only 2 D's. Which means I'm flippin' passing XD WOOT!
       Speaking of school, I've turned 1 crush into 2. How awesome is that? *sarcasm* But the second guy also goes to my school, and he smiles at me a lot. I caught him looking at me today, and he definitely looked at me :) And he catches me looking at him, a lot. I doubt I'll ever date him, it's just nice to see a cute guy noticing me for once.

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