Thursday, December 15, 2011

What A Day...

     Today was absolutely FANTASTIC! I went to school , which is BLAH cause I hate math, and that's ALL I'm doing right now. THEN at 1 I left early so I could go get my Bestie Angie and go to PennDot in Harrisburg. Mind you, this trip was only my 3rd time driving on a highway with just a friend or friends in the car. I really thought I was going to kill us, cause Highways creep me out... Anyway, we were on our way there, and this big rig in front of my was going soooo slow. We were doing MAYBE 50 in a 65 zone, so I passed him. He apparently didn't like that,  cause he then sped up and tried to get back in front of me. So I literally said ,"UHHH no." and sped up. ( I was in the passing lane, he was in the regular lane.) So we kept having to speed up cause he kept trying. Then I past another Big Rig and got in front of him, cause I wanted back in that lane, and I need experience driving between 2 big rigs so it doesn't freak me out. *I'm in no way AFRAID of big rigs, my dad's a truck driver so I'm used to it, I just have this fear that ones gonna tip over in front of me.* Anywho, so we're driving between two big rigs, and then what happens? The fucker that kept trying to pass me  pulls up beside us. Yep, they boxed me in. They do it on purpose to scare people. But I found it amusing. I waved and said, "well hey there." And went about my business, cause I was in no hurry to get out. WELL he sped up seeing that I wasn't freaked out, and ended up WAY in front of me. He won the race, this time. 
        So we get to Harrisburg unscathed and we're doing as the GPS says, and what does it do? It says turn left, but there was a sign that said "ALL TRAFFIC MUST TURN RIGHT" so I turned right, and it kept saying I needed to turn right to go back to that same spot. We ended up just  turning into an Advanced Auto Parts store and going right and poof we were going the correct direction. The funny thing was it took us to a train station. Yea, that's not the DMV, so we ended up at a convenient store, and being the woman I am, I asked for directions. The lady looked like an Indian, but wasn't one. She also looked like a man XD... We were going the wrong way. BIG SURPRISE. Thanks GPS for lying. SO We went back the way we came and sure enough the DMV was there. Best part? I drove the WHOLE way out there to be told, everything had been taken care of YESTERDAY! I drove out there, wasting gas, for NO fucking reason! 
        Sad thing is, I don't care. I had a blast! I drove on the highway, and got to spend time with a bestie <3 all in all it was a fantastic day...
        It could have been even better though... I COULD have been able to hang out with a certain someone, after a long day of driving. But alas, it did not happen... 

        Onto more interesting topics <3 Tosh.o posted this amazing picture today (Click the link, you know you want to)

And an amazingly hilarious man wrote "How uncouth. I store mine in my foreskin like a gentleman of class." So when I saw some chick wrote that what he said was "Fucking Gross" I had to defend him, as he was quite the genius for coming up with such a comeback to said picture. Thus, The world got this "You sir, are a genius! Unfortunately I am no gentleman, or I too would store mine in my foreskin :D And lindsay, you obviously didn't grow up with only male role models. This man is hilarious." Because it's true... he is a friggen genius! I don't care who you are, that there's funny. 
      OH NO's! It's 7;30 and a certain someone hasn't texted me back. I should just shrug it off, and play it cool, but the way that person makes me smile, just by saying "hey" makes life THAT much more bearable... That certain someone will remain unnamed until further notice. All in all, it was a good day,

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