Saturday, November 26, 2011


 Okay, guys with baby mama's need to quit trying to get with other girls! If you got a girl pregnant, and you're "engaged" to them, then you need to grow the fuck up and stop trying to get in other girl's pants! It's not only disrespectful to your "fiance" but it also makes you a pig. Yea, that's right. You're a pig. An asshole pig. A disrespectful douche bag! 
            I'm so tired of assholes, and you guys are like the number one on the list of assholes I hate! Grow a pair and take care of your GROWING family. Be a role model for your kid! A good clean wholesome role model. You don't even have to marry the girl. Split custody if you HAVE to. But don't try to get in everybody's pants! It's stupid and childish and if you wanna be a teenager, well you should have thought about that BEFORE you got the girl pregnant. You didn't HAVE to fuck her. You could have said, "Oh well we aren't ready to be parents so let's wait till we are." It's both mature and thoughtful. Whereas now you have a kid on the way and you are now responsible for someone else's life. So again GROW THE FUCK UP! Kay? Thanks.

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