Monday, December 5, 2011

And then he peed on my hand...

            They found a planet, that is in the habitable zone and it's 600 light years away. That's three hundred forty eight quadrillion miles away. As our space shuttles can only reach 17,000 miles per hour, which is 408,000 miles a day, it would take well over 85 billion years to get there. I guess I really am a nerd, as I sat down and did all that damn math... I must not have any kind of life. Oh wait, I do have a life. I go to school, then work, and when I'm not working I spend my time with amazing people. 
                 I'm currently listening to Breathe Me by Sia and it makes me 100 times sadder than any other sad song.... It reminds me of not so long ago, when I was a self destructive scared little girl. Especially, the lines "I've lost myself again, I feel unsafe." I've never truly felt safe. Ever. Even now. I don't feel safe. Which brings me to the point of this particular blog. Bullying. It needs to stop. It needs to be snuffed out like the huge uncontrollable fire it is. 

               Sad thing is, EVERYONE knows what bullying can do to people. There's no excuse for not knowing. It hurts. I've been there, I've been the bully and the bullied. I feel horrible that I ever put someone through exactly what I went through. 
                I mean, how would you feel if you walked into school everyday, and everyday, you heard snide remarks about yourself. It's painful. I personally, walked through the halls like a scared little girl. It turned me into an angry hate-filled person. From like 6th grade till my very last day at my old school, I was picked on, and treated like snot. I felt lost and helpless. I'm 18 and I felt like hiding under a rock. So how I ever decided to be mean to somebody because I know how hurtful it is. So, I'm making a stand against it. I'm not putting up with this crap anymore. I've got scars, and memories to go with every single one. 
              So, what do you say? Take a stand? Or would you rather sit and watch our generation go even further into the shitter?

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