Saturday, April 21, 2012

I shot a little girl today...

      I almost quit my job today, for various reasons, we will not talk about. I also almost beat my phone to a pulp, because I got annoyed at people texting and asking stupid shit. Like really? Why are you asking such retarded questions? For instance, Corey asked if I left him because there's another guy... REALLY? I would have mentioned that. I don't go around lying to people about stupid shit. Gandhi, what the hell. So I replied, "No, there isn't another guy. I think if there were, the entire world would know, because I don't exactly have a private life." No reply from him... So he either thinks I'm lying, or he just doesn't know how to respond. Either way, I'm annoyed. 

     I think the only time I haven't been annoyed all week, was last night. I chilled with Zach for a little, and then I hung out with his brother and some of his friends. It was entertaining... Now I'm waiting for 4:30 to get here so I can go to Brandy Boo's wedding reception... Should probably be getting ready for that haha...Merrr

Listening to little bird by shoe. Making me feel a little better. 

I feel like the old me is dead and gone, and there's this new, wild Dez, that's been waiting to come out and play. It's nice. I'm not doing this whole playing nice anymore. I'm tired of it. I'm gonna put all caution to the wind, and well I'm gonna live my fucking life. 

4:06- I'm ready to go, but I realize, that if I leave now, I'll have an entire hour of sitting in my car XD So, I'm waiting to go... The whole entire time I'm sitting here, my parents are saying "don't drink and drive." Like seriously. I'm 19. If I'm gonna drink, I'm not coming HOME, let alone anywhere that requires DRIVING. I'm not retarded. Merr. Plus, it's a wedding reception for two people who are about my age... I highly doubt there's going to be alcohol involved. but what evs. They're parents, they know EVERYTHING haha. well I guess I'll go cause people are already there merr XD